FAQ Frequently Asked Questions




What's the warranty policy for this e-scooter and how long is the period for different parts?
We offer one year warranty for the body and 180-day for batteries. Warranty period may vary for different parts. Products not directly purchased from the original company (SPLACH) will not be covered under warranty.


Could the battery be dismantled?
The battery can't be removed or it may be dangerous and cause damage.


How many types of e-scooter does SPLACH have?
There are 2 types of e-scooter of SPLACH. One is Turbo and the other is Ranger. Turbo has a 800W motor and Ranger has a 500W motor but the range is longer. For more details, please refer to the product page for details.


How many colors does the e-scooter have?
We currently offer 2 popular colors for riders to choose from. One is steel blue, and the other is iron orange.


How much is the payload of SPLACH?
The range of payload is around 20-120 kgs. Weight over 120 kgs are not suggested.


What does the warranty cover?
The warranty scope is as follows: 3 months, accelerator, card reader, charger. 6 months, framework, motor. 12 months, controller, lithium battery. It does not cover issues caused by damage due to handling, storage, accident, impact, abuse, dangerous play, or misuse. Refer to the user manual enclosed within the product package for specific product warranty information.
According to warranty policy, customer would have to pay for repairs once the warranty was expired. Products not directly purchased from the original company (SPLACH) will not be covered under warranty.


Do SPLACH provide British standard plug?
The charger we provide currently are only for European standard plug and American standard plug. We DO NOT provide British Specification Plug that is fitted with a three-pin plug. For our UK backers, you just simply add a UK power plug adapter and you can still have your Scooter charged smoothly!


Can I ride the e-scooter in the rain?
SPLACH e-scooter has an IPX5 water-resistance rating, meaning that it can tolerate splashes but not full submersion. The scooter is water-resistant, also termed as splash-resistant, not waterproof. Never fully submerge your electric scooter in water.


Can I reset the top speed capabilities to ensure I'm following my state/city's local e-bike regulations?
Absolutely, the LCD is for you to adjust the speed you need for the ride.If you have questions regarding speed settings, please email to support@splach.bike, SPLACH service team would be happy to assist our customers.



Warrant & Repair


If the parts are broken/damaged by personal human errors, who's supposed to cover the repair and shipping costs?
If the parts are broken/damaged by human errors, the owner of the scooter is supposed to pay for the repair and shipping costs. Products not directly purchased from the original company (SPLACH) will not be covered under warranty.


How do I apply for repair?
Please contact us via support@splach.bike and complete the following information for the repair application. order number, commodity item, first name, surname, phone number, shipping address, e-mail address, problem statement, supporting evidence (photos and videos). Our technician will check the issue on working days and get back to you in 2-3 business days. The video matters as we need to check the actual condition. If the problem is caused by improper operation, we'll provide instructions/videos. If the problem is due to the out-of-order component, we'll supply the part for replacement. Products not directly purchased from the original company (SPLACH) will not be covered under warranty.


Is there any introduction video of SPLACH electric scooter P setting?
Yes, we have a video introducing the P setting on our Youtube channel and there are more videos wait for you to check out!


Can you teach me how to adjust the suspension, brakes, and others?
YES! To help customers ride safely and happily under the best possible conditions, we provide online assistance to instruct you. If you encounter any mechanical problem and it can be solved by easy adjustment, we are happy to film video to guide you. Currently, several videos are posted in public for everyone to refer, so you may view our Youtube channel and find what you need.






The price is lower than e-scooters on the market. How is it possible?
Our team is dedicated to the most affordable e-scooters on the market that is of high quality yet with the most reasonable price. Crowdfunding helps us to control the cost as we have the right amount of units, without having to deal with the storage expense and other related costs.


Can I change my order or other info?

Yes, if you need to change your order, please contact us by emailing to support@splach.bike Our team will check the product status and inform riders whether if it's available for order adjustment. Please understand that, once it's out for delivery, order adjustment won't be accepted

Do I need to pay any duty for getting the SPLACH?
According to the latest US regulations, backers from the US should pay a tariff on imported goods. Those from other areas may face paying VAT or other duties from local customs. Please check with the local authority for confirmation.
How many countries of shipping do SPLACH covered?
SPLACH do ship internationally, shipping costs may vary from different areas.
According to our past experience, most of the countries are United States/Canada/Europe Union Countries/United Kingdom/Switzerland/Norway/Australia/Asia/South Africa.
However, there is a reminder for our backers, countries may have different estimated arrival time, support team will notify every backer about the delivery arrangements to ensure products ship to customers safely.
Are there extra shipping costs in some areas?
If you are in a “difficult to ship area”, such as remote locations, extra shipping costs may be applied. Please also note that some destinations, such as remote islands, can prove simply impossible to ship to. If you think you live in a hard-to-reach location, then please contact us before placing your order.

Keep in mind these are estimates and are subject to change, but we will keep you informed every step of the way!