E-Scooter FAQ

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


E-Scooter | Pre-Sales


How many types of e-scooter does SPLACH have?
We currently have 5 types of e-scooters.
  • Turbo: Ultra-smooth suspension e-scooter to propel you fast.
  • Ranger: Ultra-smooth suspension e-scooter to take you on a longer journey.
  • Turbo Plus: Designed with the sweet spot between power and range in mind. It's a good fusion of Turbo and Ranger.
  • Swift: A perfect commute companion, a compact e-scooter with an avant-garde streamlined look. Foldable and Portable.
  • Mantis: Loaded with the best in mighty power, unrivaled performance when it comes to speed, smooth ride and the pure joy it brings to you. 
Could the battery be dismantled?
The battery can't be removed or it may be dangerous and cause damage.


Do SPLACH provide British standard plug?
The charger we provide currently are only for European standard plug and American standard plug. We DO NOT provide British Specification Plug that is fitted with a three-pin plug. For our UK backers, you just simply add a UK power plug adapter and you can still have your Scooter charged smoothly!


Can I ride the e-scooter in the rain?
SPLACH e-scooter has an IPX5 water-resistance rating, meaning that it can tolerate splashes but not full submersion. The scooter is water-resistant, also termed as splash-resistant, not waterproof. Never fully submerge your electric scooter in water.



E-Scooter | After-Sales


Is there any introduction video of SPLACH electric scooter P setting?
Yes, we have a video introducing the P setting on our Youtube channel and there are more videos wait for you to check out!


Can you teach me how to adjust the suspension, brakes, and others?
YES! To help customers ride safely and happily under the best possible conditions, we provide online assistance to instruct you. If you encounter any mechanical problem and it can be solved by easy adjustment, we are happy to film video to guide you. Currently, several videos are posted in public for everyone to refer, so you may view our YouTube channel and find what you need.


Check-up steps and adjustments to be made if you find your Ranger is not fast enough.
Please check your P08 setting as this involves the setting on speed.

Adjust the value to 100 and try again. This is the video for your reference: https://youtu.be/wapedAsMkN8

Please also check your P06 setting and make sure the value is 8 and the value for P07 should be 28. For P12, the value should be 5 so that your acceleration will be the fastest.

If all the settings are correct and you feel that the speed is the same, here we attached a tutorial video for you. Please do as shown.

There's another invisible speed limit setting. Please turn off the scooter. Keep pressing the brake and then turn on the scooter to press the throttle for 3 times to unlock this setting. Try gear 3 again and then the speed should go up normally.


Check-up steps and adjustments to be made if you find your Turbo+ is not fast enough.
We’d like to instruct you on how to unlock the speed limit we design for safety reasons.

Here’s the video attached for your reference. https://youtu.be/I5znQ1ijiJI
While the speed limit is not unlocked, the max speed reached is 25km. Please cut the plastic clip down below as shown to unlock the speed limit for reaching the real max speed that Turbo Plus provides.

P08 should be set at 100 and P03 should be set at 48. Please don't adjust it to a higher or lower one as that won't make it go faster. Also check your P12, the value should be 5 so that your acceleration will be the fastest.


About the charging issue (no power going into the scooter), what can I do?
First, make sure that the cable is properly plugged (for both the end to the outlet and to the charging port). If the problem still persists, please follow the steps below to check.
  1. Please take a picture of the backside of your charger.
  2. Please take a video of plugging in the charging port, showing us that the line is connected well, and then show us the color of the light on the charger while charging.  And then, focus on the screen and let us check the display of figures below the screen when charging. 
  3. After two hours of charging, repeat step 2 ( show us the color of the light on the charger while charging.  And then, focus on the screen and let us check the display of figures below the screen when charging) We'd like to know the variation and diagnose the issue for you.
  4. Provide required information above and your order information to support@splach.bike.
If the screw by the brake line bent down, how can I fix it?
If you ride the scooter quite often, the brake line inevitably will come loose and the screw could come down to rub against the ground to make itself bent. The hand brake can still function normally. You may refer to the video to get it right. Use a plier to fix it and it should be good.

After it's done, check the video to make sure that the screw is screwed tight. https://youtu.be/r9zx_axQrCQ 


If the brake line is loose and not fixed in place, what’s the reason and what can I do?
Owing to high-speed ride and vibration, if the screw is not tightly screwed, the brake line will get loose. It’ll be dangerous if not fixed immediately. Please see the video here to make adjustment and make sure it’s properly installed. https://youtu.be/lt8kpTJRNuY


The brake seems to be getting automatically activated without pressing the brakes. A sudden power disruption happens. What’s the reason and what should I do?
The scooter comes with an electronic brake line as well as a hand brake line. During the ride, the electronic brake line may get disconnected and therefore causes the issue mentioned above. While the electronic brake line is misplaced, the controller reads it as a sign of operation and the acceleration couldn't operate normally. You can just cut the electronic brake line and make the scooter function without affecting the brake as you can still hand brake the scooter. Please try cutting the brake line on the right side as pointed at in the pics attached below and if the exclamation mark disappears, it means that you can start the scooter and ride it in a good form.


The e-scooter shuts off all of a sudden or can’t be turned on.
Please check if the wires are properly connected, especially the one pointed in the picture.  If the problem remains, please contact SPLACH customer support.


The motor creates a noise especially in accelerating. Is that normal?
That sound is normal as our motor is beefy. It has fast acceleration and therefore there's such sound, which is also a feature of SPLACH.
From the low-speed acceleration in transition to a higher one, in order to maintain a certain power needed for the current, there'll be such a bigger sound from the motor as it is running faster and faster gradually.


During the ride, the screws on the wheel may get loose owing to high-speed vibration. What’s the size of the screw for this part?
The screw spec. is M5X25 as highlighted in the table. You can also remove one of the existing screws and go to a hardware store or a bicycle store to find the same screw.


What are the sizes of screws for other parts?
  • Throttle screw size: Socket Head Cap Screw M4x14 (reference picture)
  • Kickstand screw size: Socket Head Cap Screw M8x18
  • Deck screw size: The thread size is 6mm and 3 inch long (reference pic1, pic2)




Warrant & Repair


Please refer to SPLACH Warranty.







Can I change my order or other info?
Yes, if you need to change your order, please contact us by emailing to support@splach.bike. Our team will check the product status and inform riders whether if it's available for order adjustment. Please understand that, once it's out for delivery, order adjustment won't be accepted.


How many countries of shipping do SPLACH covered?
SPLACH do ship internationally, shipping costs may vary from different areas.
According to our past experience, most of the countries are United States/Canada/Europe Union Countries/United Kingdom/Switzerland/Norway/Australia/Asia/South Africa.
However, there is a reminder for our customers, countries may have different estimated arrival time, support team will notify every customer about the delivery arrangements to ensure products ship to you safely.


Are there extra shipping costs in some areas?
If you are in a “difficult to ship area”, such as remote locations, extra shipping costs may be applied. Please also note that some destinations, such as remote islands, can prove simply impossible to ship to. If you think you live in a hard-to-reach location, then please contact us before placing your order.


Shipping changes or missed delivery?
Once your order has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email with shipment tracking information. SPLACH is not responsible for lost, held, or damaged packages by the courier. If a recipient has any special requests like changing shipping address or delivery instructions, please contact the courier to arrange.