Delivery Notice

Dear Customers,

Just so you know that not only is the port backlog spreading, but the ground shipment for UPS and FedEx is also soaring over the past few weeks. This has made an impact on our scheduled delivery, which will be delayed for a while. We’ll make an all-out effort to coordinate with the logistics companies closely to expedite the delivery asap for all of you. During this period of time especially when the global shipping costs are skyrocketing, we’ve done all we can to cover the extra costs for all of you. We plead for your understanding and patience for the inconvenience.

Here’s a kind reminder: Before shipping, each SPLACH package is guaranteed to be well packaged and photographed. When receiving the package, please check the carton and take a pic of it before unboxing or videotaping the process when unboxing. The photo of the side with the shipping label on it is especially necessary. After unboxing the item, please check the escooter/ebike and each part before assembling it. If you find any damage, please take a pic of it before doing any assembly or installation. Keep it at the original status so that we can make a record and check for you. 

Thank you very much for your support!

Best regards