Before You Buy




Before Riding SPLACH E-Vehicles, there are reminders for your safety
  1. Necessary protective equipment's such as helmet, gloves, elbow guard and waist support.
  2. It's forbidden to ride on ragged and wet floors, such as unpaved road, rocky road and roads with ice and ponding.
  3. It's forbidden to be used by people under 14 or above 60 years old.
  4. It's forbidden to be used by people under the effect of drag or alcohol, or people with limited action and reaction ability.
  5. It's not suggested to ride in rainy days or cold winter days.
  6. Please slow down on slopes; Situations which are not suitable for riding, caused by the rider or other objective causes.
  7. For charging, it's a must to connect the cord with charging socket of the electric scooter first before connecting with the mains.


You have to practice to acquire the skills of safe driving. Unskilled driving or failed to following this manual when using the product may cause personal injury or property damage of the driver or others.


**We are only liable for the fault or damage of the product, and will not take the responsibility of personal injury or property damage caused by the use of this product.