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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


E-Bike | Pre-Sales


How many types of e-bike does SPLACH have?
We currently have 2 types of e-bikes.
Patriot Pro: Powerful 1500W motor for fast and long-ranged travel plus a swiftly-activated fingerprint lock.
Stark: The removable 48v/11.6 amp dual locking batteries propel you farther, and last longer, multiplying the mileage as well as the fun.


Do SPLACH provide British standard plug?
The charger we provide currently are only for European standard plug and American standard plug. We DO NOT provide British Specification Plug that is fitted with a three-pin plug. For our UK backers, you just simply add a UK power plug adapter and you can still have your bike charged smoothly!


Can I ride the e-bike in the rain?
SPLACH e-scooter has an IPX5 water-resistance rating, meaning that it can tolerate splashes but not full submersion. The bike is water-resistant, also termed as splash-resistant, not waterproof. Never fully submerge your electric bike in water.




E-Bike | After-Sales


How to turn on Patriot Pro?
Please refer to this video.


How to activate Patriot Pro with the fingerprint sensing function?
Follow the video instruction here: 


If I don’t want the fingerprint sensing function, how can I cancel it?
Please refer to this video

Anything soft like your palm can activate the bike. Anyone's finger, anything that's soft can activate the bike then once this is done.


I can’t install the kickstand. Is there something wrong?
Please see the picture attached. 
The kickstand should be assembled from the inside rather than outside.


The battery gauge on my Patriot Pro doesn’t seem correct, which setting should I check?
Please enter the "system" first to confirm that the power system is set to 48V.
The charger doesn’t seem to be working and the power of the bike stays low. What can I do?
This could be either the problem with the charger or battery and here are the steps for test for find out the cause.

  1. Get a multi-meter. (reference picture)
  2. Please measure the battery voltage and the voltage of the charger and take pictures like the examples below.

    Example A) Measuring the charger 
       Example B) Measuring the battery
The derailleur seems bent. Is that normal?
Please see the pic below for our derailleur stored at our office. You may find that it's a bit bent but actually it's not. The original design of it is with some curve and may make you feel that it's bent. It's of good form definitely.



When I have both hands on the brakes, it seems that I need to apply full force to stop the bike at speed. I can almost touch the rubber handgrips. What can I do about the brake?
There could be insufficient oil inside the brake. It is recommended to take your bike to a nearby bike shop to do the adjustment.



When I’m riding Patriot Pro and using assist and hit the throttle, there is no power from the throttle. Is there something I’m doing wrong?
You may follow the advised settings here and it’ll rock.



About the settings for STARK, how does each P setting function?
Please refer to here for details.





Warrant & Repair


Please refer to SPLACH Warranty.







Can I change my order or other info?
Yes, if you need to change your order, please contact us by emailing to support@splach.bike. Our team will check the product status and inform riders whether if it's available for order adjustment. Please understand that, once it's out for delivery, order adjustment won't be accepted.


How many countries of shipping do SPLACH covered?
SPLACH do ship internationally, shipping costs may vary from different areas.
According to our past experience, most of the countries are United States/Canada/Europe Union Countries/United Kingdom/Switzerland/Norway/Australia/Asia/South Africa.
However, there is a reminder for our customers, countries may have different estimated arrival time, support team will notify every customer about the delivery arrangements to ensure products ship to you safely.


Are there extra shipping costs in some areas?
If you are in a “difficult to ship area”, such as remote locations, extra shipping costs may be applied. Please also note that some destinations, such as remote islands, can prove simply impossible to ship to. If you think you live in a hard-to-reach location, then please contact us before placing your order.


Shipping changes or missed delivery?
Once your order has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email with shipment tracking information. SPLACH is not responsible for lost, held, or damaged packages by the courier. If a recipient has any special requests like changing shipping address or delivery instructions, please contact the courier to arrange.