Before You Buy

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When you purchase our products, you agree to all of our regulations and policies.

We do not accept any returns of used scooters due to the depreciation in value a scooter gets once it travels (even if just 0.5 mile). SPLACH makes this policy clear on our website and invests heavily in content to show consumers the performance, ride quality and specifications of scooters through YouTube videos and review done by the third party online to help customers with online purchase decision. If there’s still any dissatisfaction with the scooter, we recommend reselling the scooter at some marketplaces such as Ebay or Facebook Marketplace.

Please review our return policy to understand the terms and conditions.



Cancellation request submitted within 24 hours upon order placement will be subject to a 5% handling cost charged by the on-line platform. Cancellation requests submitted after the first 24 hours will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

  • Cancellation before shipping (Purchased but not shipped) is subject to a 15% restocking fee.
  • Pre-Orders Cancellations: all pre-orders are only eligible for an 85% refund of the total order price.
  • After the tracking number is generated and provided, cancellation is not acceptable.



Before Riding SPLACH E-Vehicles, there are reminders for your safety


  1. Necessary protective equipment's such as helmet, gloves, elbow guard and waist support.
  2. It's forbidden to ride on ragged and wet floors, such as unpaved road, rocky road and roads with ice and ponding.
  3. It's forbidden to be used by people under 14 or above 60 years old.
  4. It's forbidden to be used by people under the effect of drug or alcohol, or people with limited action and reaction ability.
  5. It's not suggested to ride in rainy days or cold winter days.
  6. It's forbidden to ride the scooter/bike in an improper way, such as pulling it from jumping, doing a wheelie or some other stunts, etc.
  7. Please slow down on slopes; Situations which are not suitable for riding, caused by the rider or other objective causes.
  8. For charging, it's a must to connect the cord with charging socket of the electric scooter first before connecting with the mains.
  9. Seller can request cancellation anytime before the order has been arranged for shipment. Any such cancellation shall be effective upon notification (either orally or in writing) to Buyer and shall be without liability to Seller.

You have to practice to acquire the skills of safe driving. Unskilled driving or failed to following this manual when using the product may cause personal injury or property damage of the driver or others.


**We are only liable for the fault or damage of the product, and will not take the responsibility of personal injury or property damage caused by the use of this product.

**A signature is required to receive high-value cargo in the USA to prevent issues like delivery failure or loss of items. However, packages of accessories are an exception. For non-USA customers, a signature is not required for receiving high-value cargo. This means that the escooter/ebike package will be dropped off at the front door, and there's a risk of package loss. Upon receiving the TRK#, please monitor the delivery status day-to-day to estimate the package arrival time in advance. If there is no eligible recipient at the address, the parcel could be sent back to a depot or our warehouse. As a buyer, it's essential to be aware of this and assume the responsibility to contact the courier to pick up the parcel or pay the shipping cost for rearranging the shipment from our warehouse.

**The costs of our product and shipping are calculated separately to reflect the actual expenses. Shipping refers to the cost of transporting the goods from our factory to the final destination. For instance, shipping to the USA includes expenses for sea freight from Asia to the LA port, tariffs, domestic delivery to the LA warehouse, and then shipping to your home via FedEx. The separate costs accurately represent the production and shipping expenses. Shipping costs vary depending on the volume and weight, as well as the shipping destination of the scooter and ebike.