SPLACH Zippy Manual

Phone Holder User Manual

  1. To fully experience the complete functionality of SPLACH Zippy phone holder, please refer to the following instructions.
  2. Connect SPLACH Zippy with the appropriate charging wires during use.
  3. Connect the USB end of the charging wire to the power supply system (e.g., a device converting the cigarette lighter socket in the car into a USB charging port).
  4. Combine SPLACH Zippy with various accessory mounts, such as the hook-type vent mount, and then attach the hook-type vent mount to the car's air conditioning vent, or it can be placed in other "hookable" or "clippable" places.
  5. Once the SPLACH Zippy is powered on with a 5-9V DC power supply, it performs an initial check, closing once and lighting up the indicator. When an object approaches within 5-20 cm, it automatically senses this and opens the clamping arms. Place the mobile phone in the holder, and the holder will automatically clamp the phone. At this point, if the phone supports it, wireless fast charging will automatically commence.
  6. When you need to remove the phone, touch the finger icon sensing area on the back right corner or at the bottom of the front side (available only on the Zippy X model). SPLACH Zippy will automatically open the clamping arms, allowing the phone to be removed.
  7. Zippy includes built-in over-voltage, over-temperature, magnetic field, and short-circuit protection. In case of any abnormalities, it will automatically stop working.
  8. When not connected to power, Zippy can still be used to place the phone by touching the finger icon sensing area on the back right corner or at the bottom of the front side (available only on the Zippy X model). However, it will not have wireless charging and infrared sensing functions.

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* The double-sided adhesive included with the Invisible Mount is considered a consumable and is not covered under warranty.
* The handlebar mount includes 2 cushion pads in 2 different sizes: 25.4mm and 22mm. These sizes can accommodate nearly 90% of bike and scooter handlebars. 


All About the Details


Multipurpose Wireless Charging Phone Holder
Material ABS/PC+magnesium aluminum alloy
Weight about 112g
Product size 111*70*46 MM
Host size 111*60*7.6 MM
Rated input 5V/2A 9V/1.67A
Wireless charging ouput 15W/10W/7.5W/5W from auto recognition
Charging interface TYPE-C
Charging distance ≤ 5 MM
Charging power 110-205KHz
Request for device All Qi Wireless Charging Compatible Phones
Condition Compatible with fast charging protocols QC3.0
Magnetic charging cable input/output(only ZIPPY X) Based on the power of the power supply to match the smartphone, The max. is up to 66W (supporting the smartphone without wireless charging function that is connected with a magnetic adaptor).
Accessories (Charging related)
Charging related Multi-functional charging cable TypeA-C charging cable Magnetic typeC charging block Magnetic microB charging block
Charging Port TypeA/TypeC IOS/TypeC TypeA-C TypeC MicroB
Accessories (Fixture related)
Fixture related Hook-type vent mount Clamp-style vent mount Invisible mount Bike handlebar mount Crab claw handlebar mount
Material High strength plastic ABS Zinc alloy Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy
Weight(g) 12 12 68 60 95
Load Limit(kg) 1-3 1-3 1-3 2-5 2-5
Ball Size(mm) 17 17 17 17 17
Others - - Laptop/Tesla Dual purpose stand 6061 6061
Accessories (Socially relevant)
Socially relevant Tripod Telescopic Selfie stick Ball joint
Material Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy
Weight(g) 125 154 30
Load Limit(kg) 2-5 1-3 2-5
Connecter 1/4" Screw 1/4" Screw 1/4" Screw Hole
Others 2-stage locking,with a length of 128mm 7-stage telescoping,22.5-117cm -
* Pack of different versions differs in functions and the actual functions are subject to the exact version of the product.  The items contained will be what are substantially received finally.

Supporting Accessories

Accessory Name / Folded Size

      1. TypeA-C charging cable / 25×80mm
      2. Multi-functional charging cable / 80×80mm
      3. Telescopic Selfie stick / 225×22mm
      4. Escooter handlebar mount / 60×70mm
      5. Crab claw handlebar mount / 80×76mm
      6. Invisible mount / 97×59mm
      7. Clamp-style vent mount / 65×50mm
      8. Hook-type vent mount / 65×40mm
      9. Magnetic typeC charging block / 10×10mm
      10. Magnetic microB charging block / 10×10mm
      11. Ball joint / 48×58mm
      12. Tripod / 128×30mm
* The accessories listed above are intended to support SPLACH Zippy. However, please note that all accessories will not be included in the package you purchase. Different packages may contain varying combinations of accessories. 
The double-sided adhesive included with the Invisible Mount is considered a consumable and is not covered under warranty.

What's in the Box?

* SPLACH Zippy offers multiple variants, each containing different items. Please ensure you verify the contents of the desired variant before making a purchase. Below are the current variant names and their respective contents:

* We reserve the right to make changes at any time, including to product prices, specifications, offers, availability, and contents of product configurations.


      1. Do not excessively squeeze or collide with SPLACH Zippy.
      2. Do not use Zippy in environments with extremely high temperatures, high humidity, or corrosive conditions to prevent damage to the device’s circuitry.
      3. For mobile phones with a built-in wireless charging function, Zippy only supports wireless charging and does not support magnetic tip charging (available only on the Zippy X model).
      4. If the mobile phone does not have a wireless charging function, it can be charged only by adding the magnetic charging tip (available only on the Zippy X model).